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Air Conditioner

Now a days while the temperatures are increasing day by day, air conditioners are the one of the best ways to beat the heat...


Now a days Refrigerators are very common in every house and shops, due to increase of temperatures people are fond to take everything cool...

Microwave Oven

Earlier people used to cook by using wood from trees which was very hard for ladies and when the days are going on new kind of items came into...

Welcome to alhea.in

We are providing services for all kinds of electronic products such as Refrigerator, washing machine, Air conditioner, Microwave oven, TV etc. Electronic goods may get problems at any time for example while watching an interesting program, your TV might get problem and while relaxing in AC, your Air conditioner might get problem

Whatever the problem might be, our service center is at your door step. Ours is a unique service center in the city. We have got best technicians who can resolve the problem within short time

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